Initial state of Daisyworld. The daisies are almost randomly distributed over the planet

Daisyworld after two generations. The black daisies grow well on the warming equator.

Daisyworld after 5 generations. Black daisies dominate the planet. Near the equator small populations of white daisies survive near to the warm air of of the black daisies.

Daisyworld after 10 generations. Near the equator the white daisies start to thrive. In the moderate zones the black daisies dominate.

Daisyworld after 15 generations. Black daisies are restricted to the poles. Small groups of black daisies survive near the white populations around the equator.

Daisyworld after 25 generations. The white daisies now dominate the planet. Their cooling effect is clearly visible in this map.

Daisyworld after 50 generations. The world is overheated. Only near the poles a few populations of white daisies exist.

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